TIMING, PLANS ....and then there's LIFE



They are rarely in the same company. But when they do join, I’ve heard that’s when magic happens. If anyone can attest to that, I’m all ears for your story. 

Nature is comforting because there’s ultimately a pattern to it all; a direction; a mystery that can be solved. Then again, it’s destructive and still unpredictable. We have rockets to Mars but no way of predicting an earthquake. Emotions are like the comforting part of nature; understand them enough and you’ll see there is a pattern to it all. Timing is the other part of nature’s puzzle; there to keep things interesting; keep you on your toes; and ensure you make the moment count. It’s almost as though one is there to specifically lure you in, and the other to filter those that want to explore and those that just dream of exploring. 

I know you’re spending time watching the chaos and hoping it makes sense in due course. I know that thought is the only thing that can make the pain bearable- it must be for something right? I also know waiting without a plan of action gets you nowhere and over-planning leaves you just as stagnant. So as much as it is within your capacity; just do. Waiting until you’re old enough or rich enough may cost you the time and youthful vigor necessary to pursue some of those goals- which will ultimately become void by the time you’ve given you’re permission to follow through. Where did the connotation of ‘appropriate’ come from? Wait for the ‘appropriate’ age to travel; the ‘appropriate’ amount of time to love again; wait for the ‘appropriate’ time to move out. Where is the clock on your life considered when that word ‘appropriate’ comes into the mix. Here’s a little secret we all know- time doesn’t stop for anyone; neither does the world. We all learn along the way- not learn then do appropriately. I’d love to meet a mother that ‘trained’ before she grew her baby in this ever-evolving world.

You learn along the way- and not all your decisions are going to be for the best- but there will always be lessons within each. Respect your loved ones but understand the difference between that and control. 

What matters is that you pursued in that moment what you knew to be true in your heart.

Trust that instinct. Run after it. Explore. Because the truth is- none of us know what we are truly doing- but some of us at least try to keep doing.

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