Forgiveness + Potential

Just as the forces of nature shape each element- every moment in this journey shapes us too. I believe we’ve all got a unique story to be told and that we are all filled with infinite potential. So then why aren’t we all achieving our maximum potential? 





Among hundreds of rocks, one in particular caught my attention. It blended into the sandy background that was the beach and the waves even blushed at its creation, gently brushing near it, almost as though it was attempting to hide a gem. There were countless rocks but this one was special. The shape was its most striking trait – it was as though someone carved it to be a heart. At a closer glance, this mesmerizing creation no longer appeared to assume perfection. There were ridges and cracks and even discolorations! I couldn’t help thinking of the journey this rock must have been on before it assumed the shape it did and the location it was at. I really am speaking of a rock- but damn did that moment in time rock my world. Pun totally intended by the way. Heh. 


Anyway, I carried it home as a reminder of the way in which we all go through similar struggles in life- while all being shaped uniquely. When it greets me on mornings I am reminded of the power of moments in time and the way in which we are all products of these moments- ever changing, imperfect, beautiful products of life. 

Ultimately though we are not rocks. No. We have the fortune of being much more fluid with respect to our reactions and the ways in which we are moulded by all that happens to us- because of us- despite us. Freedom of choice is a hell of a thing. It’s our power- it’s our tool and our weapon which we can use to build ourselves up or break ourselves down. 


Here’s a question for you though- who’s to say in all those self-destructive moments- you weren’t actually creating someone as well? And in all those moments of growth- you weren’t destroying parts of your personality you deemed unhealthy?

This is where the philosophy of SARAYU lives: Within creation- there is destruction. And within destruction: creation is occurring.


This philosophy has lent the idea that in order to achieve our maximum potential- we must be brutally honest about our strengths and weaknesses- the inaccurate decisions we may have made in our past- and the knowledge that we have the ability to choose differently in the present. 


Regret is like the big bully in the room. It can paralyze you with fear and even leave you in a debilitated state- telling you you’re not good enough: never have- never will be. It doesn’t mean any of what the bully is saying is actually true- though they can be quite convincing. Regret is like that. Except in this case- you become your own bully. But that’s why self-love and forgiveness are such important things!

You can be your worst nightmare or your most supportive cheerleader. 


A friend and I had a heated conversation recently about this. He summed up not achieving your full potential to laziness and succumbing to negative emotions. Perhaps there is truth to this, but isn’t that human? It’s important to understand that the person you were then didn’t have the hindsight you have now and that can be a tool to dig you out of the rut you’ve found yourself in.



For example, at 22, I expect more of myself. A lot of times I wonder what I could have done differently. Recently while reflecting, I noticed one particular common denominator- I’d begin things and even follow up on them for a while – but I’d never complete it. Why would someone invest time and energy into something and then drop it? This is where I realized I only flowed with things. I suppose it’s only natural- I’m pieces after all! 

But perhaps the tool I’m lacking in my cupboard of life is the skill of compartmentalization. The ability to zone in on the destination regardless of the flow.  That doesn’t mean I have to go against my own nature entirely. I just need a smarter way to flow. By forgiving past decisions- I was able to conclude the skill I need to develop to change where I’m at in this moment. Maybe you can try this self-analysis… see what you come up with.


If we don’t acknowledge past mistakes- how can we ever hope to not repeat them?


By accepting where you’re at in the moment- it becomes possible to zone in on the tools at your disposal and to dwell less on what could have been. No one is going to love you as much as you can love yourself- and by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses you give yourself more control to achieve what you can. Checks and balances can be put into place.
(Note that I did not say walls! I’ll go into more detail with that in my next post. )


This is the power of forgiveness toward yourself.
How often do you forgive yourself for things in the past you wish you did differently?
There is something freeing about this process- it can even be a growing experience. I implore you to give it a shot.


Who knows what diamonds you might find beneath the rough? And with those diamonds- who knows the art you can carve into your life and this world if you really give yourself the chance to? 


We are all beautiful- just like that rock- bearing imperfections and possibly unravelling  in the process of transformation- but beautiful regardless. 


I’d love to know what you uncovered about yourself if you really do consider this exercise of forgiveness so feel free to share with me as well! 

We all have a past- but we can only control our present. Here’s to doing the best we can with what we got!



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