Self doubt and fear are two of the most debilitating mental states that we impose upon ourselves. Sometimes I wonder just how much control we have over these paralyzing moments. I think it’s important to know when to stop; take a breath; or a nap in my case, and forgive yourself for not being perfect. I hope to remind you to forgive your mind for those moments, and give it some understanding and encouragement- much in the way you would for loved ones who are going through a tough time. Not every feeling needs a reason. There’s an art to getting out of your head and into the world. Some have it naturally. Some of us need consistent practice. Either way- that much remains a choice. 

Darlings, for each of those moments in your life, I hope you discover a hundred more beautiful things this beautiful world has to offer. When I rose from my nap, I took a page from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book and brewed some tea and let myself feel the moment for what it was. I then chose one of the million things I wanted to do and geared my energy in that direction. It took some effort- but it was not impossible. I suppose that’s the lesson: you can do it- just maybe not all at once. And that’s okay because as the cliche goes, not even Rome was built in a day. 

There are also tons of benefits to switching it up every so often. Here are some of my favorite: 


This is according to neuroscientist David Eagleman, Ph.D who studied the effects of our brain’s perception of time, as reported by NY Mag. 

 “Time is this rubbery thing…it stretches out when you really turn your brain resources on, and when you say, ‘Oh, I got this, everything is as expected,’ it shrinks up,” said Eagleman to the New Yorker in a profile in 2011.

How about that? We can all be Hermione now. 


This is how it works:

1) Pick something new to try
2) Feel intimidated by said activity
3) Push the discomfort aside like you’re the Hercules of your own existence
4) Just do it #@shiasoutfits
5) Let me know if you were amazed at yourself afterward. 
6) Repeat steps 1-4
7) Let me know if you feel more capable of trying even more new things.
8) Repeat steps 1-4 again

By this time, chances are you’re pleased with yourself and more excited than afraid to try new things. That’s the taste of confidence my friend.


It’s a common saying that school teaches then tests but when life is in session- you are tested then learn. The  difference seeking new opportunities gives you with respect to growing from life is  basically the equivalent of adding weight training to your gym routine. Instead of having cardio slim you and letting the curves fall where they may- you sculpt yourself. You get to choose the intensity and direction of your growth. 

So my question to you on this beautiful morning is this:
What’s on your bucket list? 

If you don’t have one- I encourage you to make one today. It doesn’t matter that its mid-year. Make it. I make an annual bucket list with 15 things to complete. Usually one or two roll over but the point is to get more than less done.


A lot of the times we wonder why we feel stagnant. Sometimes its easy to watch back on the year and wonder what you did differently. Is this all there is? Far from it. Here’s a few things on my list this year:

~ Begin Blog

~ Do yoga on mornings at least 10 times for the month 

~ Go stargazing

~ Do TEF Exam 

Think about it and share your list if you feel like it. This year feels like its speeding by, but it’s not over it. Let’s try to be less stagnant in a more directed manner.  

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