Entrepreneurs birth businesses born from an opportunity to assist with issues. The catch about opportunities are that they are the other side of the problem coin. One simply can’t exist without the other. 

It was 2002 and  Daniel Lubetzky was exploring a new business venture. He wanted a snack that would be both healthy and tasty. At the time, it was a complex request, but he was adamant about his desire. It was also critical that his business serve a social goal while also generating money. With a great amount of time and effort invested- his KIND bar was created. It’s purpose: to fight the diabetes and obesity epidemic befalling society by introducing nutritionally rich products with a low glycemic index. Do you see how he made a problem work for him? 

Here’s another one: Art Fry. Art simply wanted to have bookmarks that would stay in place in his hymn book- while also being easily removable. Guess what he made? I implore you to read his story and the payout of making your problem work for you. Let me know if you guessed accurately!  

While Daniel’s focus may seem big and impossible, and Art’s may be more simple to grasp- one common denominator remains- they viewed their problems as opportunities to find solutions and they didn’t just stop there – they pursued their solution relentlessly until they saw it through. 

It’s easy to tell yourself your idea isn’t enough for the world. Sometimes it seems as though if your idea is too simple then it must not be worth it, but the truth of the matter lays in the beauty of simplicity. Most of the world changing products we use daily were made by accident- take Kellogg Frosted Flakes,Teflon, Post-It notes etc. (Feel free to give me some more examples!) The reason this brings me comfort is because it signifies that creating is more important than an epic idea of a product. The magic lays in beginning. 

For me, the most important reason to start creating is not just to provide to the world, but to express ourselves in a way that constantly exhumes self-love, self-respect and discipline. By appreciating ourselves, we are naturally more able to appreciate others and even better equipped to help others in times of need. In a way, it is perhaps the most beautiful yet grueling way to live in the moment- in your moment. To be able to contribute to the world around you with your unique trademark is a privilege, but it is one only you can gift yourself. 

So the question I pose to you today is a simple one- What problem concerns you enough to prompt you to want to solve it with a creation of your own? 

I’ve come to accept there’s a fluidity to personality, and with that understanding
it became easier to find myself.


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