“Water. It’s gentle enough to caress your skin but it possesses the power to reshape our land masses at a moment’s notice.”

Our emotions seem similar in some regard. Most of us are driven to do either wonderful or horrible things by this internal force. It’s intriguing. It’s also terrifying. But we are not merely animals shackled by our ever changing emotions are we?

….Or are we? 

Sometimes it feels that way, but if the progress of society stands for anything- I’d argue its a testament to willpower and consistency. Ultimately, it’s the success of harnessing our emotions and channeling them in a consistent way toward a simple goal and building upon it, until the next thing you know, an empire exists. 

What are you passionate about? The next time you hear your favorite song, watch your favorite building, or witness the miracle of saving a life – I challenge you to really observe it – the technology that went into its production and the time and effort endured to make it a reality. 

That brings me to the topic of the day. 
The Power of Consistency lays in Failure which ironically leads to… 

I’m betting you can complete that sentence- but I love to hear from you so I’d love to see if you really can complete my sentence in the comment section! 

Lately I’ve been struggling to post consistently. I have set days to blog, but between work, school and making time for loved ones, I’ve found myself dropping the ball. We all hit this bump in the road at some point.


The question is, What do we do when we’ve realized this? And what does this mean?


Let me just get this out the way: Everyone drops the ball at some point in their lives. However long they leave it there and the consequences that follow thereafter though, is what seems to make the ultimate difference. 

While one leads to the other, it would do us all well to remember consistency and perfection are not the same. Understanding this makes it easier to forgive those lapse moments and get things rolling again which in my humble opinion, is a victory in itself <3  

When we become conscious of the role of consistency for success, it can be difficult to not obsess over it and ultimately set ourselves up for disappointment. 

For example…

        Trying to lose weight? It’s easy to convince yourself that if you don’t follow your diet perfectly, then you’ve failed

        Looking to become a successful artist? It’s easy to convince yourself you need to draw every day without fail. 

Pretty easy to confuse consistency with perfection right? And voila: That’s the recipe for additional, unnecessary pressure and stress because of course there will be emergencies in life and room for error! You’re only human- don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise – comforting as that may be sometimes :p .


Seriously though, when considering the science behind habit formation and continual improvement, research shows that missing a single day has no measurable impact on your long-term success. This study is like spandex for habits- it applies to all habits. Who doesn’t love a one size fits all? (Really wish I could include emojis on my blog. I’d have include the girl with her both hands in the air. And now a blush one for how silly this all is.) 


>>>>>>>>>>>> Back to the topic! <<<<<<<<<<<<


It’s basically a marathon you’re running. The Number One Rule when running a marathon: don’t max yourself out from the start. It’s wiser to maintain a steady, manageable pace. For those that love the road, it might do you well to think of the failures as the annoying, unavoidable red lights of the Churchill–Roosevelt Highway for us Trinis -_-
 You’ll get to your destination despite the stops and delays along the way.


Practice makes Perfect

As noted on my intro page, I love going back to the basics. Practice makes perfect is as old as a saying gets. And it truly does! Any musician, artist, mathematician, seamstress- just about any successful person has a story of their journey with practice and its contribution to their standing. 

But these are humans too- who also fell off their bandwagon. They were able to acknowledge mistakes for what they were and view progress over a longer timeline than a single day or an individual event. Ultimately- this is what led to their overall success. 

I’ve come to accept there’s a fluidity to personality, and with that understanding
it became easier to find myself.


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