The Most Common Health Problem after the Cold/ Flu .

Once upon a time- mental health and physical wellbeing were not identified as equals. Thank goodness we’ve come a long way with this understanding as a society! 

What is it about anxiety that makes it such a common but debilitating condition? I suppose it’s the sudden lack of breath, the random state of confusion that seems to envelop you, the blurred vision, the way sounds fade…. perhaps all of these things. 

I’ve come to realize the most important thing is to identify what triggers your anxiety – and to know how to realign your thoughts from there. I also follow the Moment Method which I spoke about in my past post – Beating the Blues. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, my anxiety seems to be directly proportional. Thankfully, my coworkers kept me distracted enough today. I’m not sure they knew how much their company and work culture assisted me in completing my tasks as well. Sometimes all you need are some funny stories and a good laugh. 

Keeping it short and simple today. Hope you find the humor in your particularly tough days as well.

Lots of Love- San. 


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